Decorative Mirrors

Do you know that a wall framed mirror is probably one of the most versatile pieces of home décor that you can use to completely transform any space in your home?
If you are short of ideas on how to add character to an empty space, a well framed big mirror can do the trick. The good part is that, using mirrors to spruce-up your ambience is relatively cheap and affordable. Whats more, you get the benefits of both functionality and decorative aspects. This means you get real value out of your shilling when you invest in well crafted decorative mirrors with upscale mouldings and elegant trims.

They are TONS of benefits when you use a mirror in your interior decoration projects this includes;
1). Mirrors create an illusion of space.
With the right framed mirror, at the best placement- you can make even the tiniest rooms look bigger. With a tall, standing mirror or even a floor-to-ceiling mirror, you can add tons of depth to your space. A great tip to achieve, this is to hang your mirror on the wall opposite a window to create an illusion.
2). Mirrors lights up your space.
Decorative mirrors are a great way to brighten up a dull space. They are especially effective in Rooms with low ceilings or small windows eg, Bathroom walls. However an express trick is to hung them near a source of light, eg a window. This to make sure that the outdoor light reflects off the mirror, into the rest of the room.
3). Create elegance statements.
Whether on a budget, a well-framed mirror is one of the best ways to elevant your surrounding décor Provided you invest in big ones that can act as vocal points, not the Tiny ones that get swallowed by a huge room. A good place to make a statement with mirrors is in; Bathrooms, master bedrooms , dining rooms, living room entrys and hallways.

Others benefits include;
- Mirrors are a great design element.
- Mirrors are a great default décor item.

Do you want to breath life to your space, home, room? Do you want to tie all your décor items together to achieve balance? At frameEasy Kenya, we cut, frame and elegantly finish decorative mirrors for all types of functions, size of rooms, purpose and the designs that will match your theme or surrounding décor.

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