How To Use Framings

Where should I hang décor frames in a room?

All décor framings should be hung approximately 60 inches from the floor to the center of the frames. This allows the framed décor to be positioned at the average person’s eye level, which is the ideal vocal point.

Which is the ideal lighting for wall hang décor?

In general, wall hang framed décor’ should be highlighted using LED lights as they give off little heat and emit warm or white light options, which is good for a luxury ambiance.

Lights should be angled at 300 to reduce glare. All the framed décor light fixtures should be at least half of the width of the framing e.g. 20” wide frame should have a 10” lighting tubing.

There is however an emergence of the spotlight, channel lights, and gallery lighting that is “Spot ON”.

There are 4 main classes of lighting systems that you can ingrain in your décor to illuminate  framed wall deco, including;

  • Frame lights attached to a molding (wall mounts)
  • Tracks & recessed ceiling downlighters

Regular décor lighting fixtures

Framed wall décor and console tables

Hanging an elegantly finished framed décor above a console table in a hallway or corridor space is perhaps the most stylish way to spruce up your ambiance, and add personality and style. Layering a well-crafted console table with a luxury framed décor assists in giving your space more depth, dimension, and oodles of visual interest.

All hangings should be done at no less than 6” and not more than 10”. The Framing of the hanging décor should however never exceed the lengths of the console table. A single framing should measure about two-thirds of the width of the console table.

A framed mirror above a console table

As highlighted earlier, a luxury framed décor hanging at 60 inches from the ground is the surest way to add depth to a space hanging decorative large framed mirrors above a console table is an expressway of creating a commanding vocal point on a space.

To amplify the effects of this addition, you can add scriptural placements in metallic finishes to create drama and balance the space.

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