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We are a bespoke manufacturer of custom decorative picture frames for both commercial and residential spaces in Kenya. Having come from an interior design/construction background (ourselves) and privileged to interact with a countless number of clients within the built environment, We realized there exists an unmet need for well-crafted, custom designed- wall framed décor, certificate frames, coporate frames and decorative mirrors. There is however a litany of tired designs of frames imported mainly from Asian countries in our streets. The problem though is that all these decors have been made by Asian Manufacturers using their spaces as templates.

There is an emerging [sporadic] shift in how people are decorating their spaces. This is majorly due to the impact of the internet, movies, vocations and soap operas.

A modern homeowner, in the 21st century, is always looking for a way to customize things to suit individual tastes, lifestyles and strata.

This is where frame easy (K) comes in. Our Mission is to make every space, (Home or Office) in Kenya, even if it’s a one-room Apartment look good with a customized, affordable, well-polished, quality framed deco. and this is not an empty promise. We have invested in a fully-fledged workshop, equipped with the requisite machines to take your order & make deliveries’ within 36 hours. These include; precision electric cutting machines, under-pinners, blowers, and assemblers amongst others. Not to mention a select assortment of finishing and hanging accessories to complement your custom orders.​


Our tagline is a befitting, thought-provoking poke to you.

“Just Frame it 

“If you love them- get them framed. 

Our Mission

Make every space (home or office) in Kenya look good with an affordable well crafted quality framed deco.

Our Vission

To be the No. 1 partner in your interior decoration journey.

Core Values

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