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Frequently Asked Questions

There are tons of options when it comes to frames. You can creatively frame;

  • Your treasured memories e.g. Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, vocations, birthdays, etc
  • Company certificates, graduation certificates, memos, Favourite Quotes, Logos, architectural drawings.
  • Mentors, scenery, artistic works, iconic buildings, nature photo etc.
  • Next of kin [People that we love and cherish], e.g family members, parents, spouses, children etc.

Sure, you can select your favourite mouldings- designs from our gallery, give us your custom measurement plus Quantity and leave the rest to us. What more, unlike buying frames from the street, when you come to us you have the leeway to customise your sizes/finishing depending on the spirit of a particular space in your House.

That’s precisely our mainstay. You can pick assorted mouldings designs from our catalogue which will match with particular décor in individual rooms. We will make them and deliver to you immediately.

Why should I invest in decorative frames

As you are watching your favourite soap operas, movie from the west, you will hardly miss rooms without frames on the wall.

That because they know their value. Being surrounded by photos of what you adore and cherish is a mood booster. Its also an express way of elevating a dull, dead space into a luxurious, super attractive, bably, lively space, using [minimal resources!]

We surely can .just give us your customised sizes and leave the rest to us. We can make small to huge imposing life size frames for living rooms, hall ways, museums, corporate meeting rooms etc.

Not at all. We have a fully fledged workshop, integrated with all machinery and source all our materials directly from leading supplies in china. This makes our associated overheads very manageable. Our frames Range from ksh 500 upwards

Some people refer to them either as Matt Boards, Frame mats, photo mats, passepart, passepart out, paperboards, Mount Boards. Etc. However a matt, is simply the white UV treated white paper you see running around an image in a luxury framing..

Its use is generally to prevent an image from touching the grass and to enhance the frames visual appeal. Its best used in medium to large frames.

NB: We can use this wonderful product on all your frame orders

Sometimes referred to as a cyclic, plexi glass is the newest technological advancement in glass manufacturing.

It is very light and unbreakable unlike old school building glass.

NB: We always use plexi glass in all our frame orders

Standard sized frames are the most popular in Kenya. They are mostly found on Desktops in many office, interior ambience walls in the bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and hallways

The only difference to standard frames is that they are bigger, yet light weighted.

For this type of frames, we also use plexi glasses which makes them super light, compared to what you find in the streets.

This is the art of combining multiple pictures into a collage, framing them individually in assorted sizes and hanging them to form a puzzle on a vocal wall. eg. in living rooms, hallways & Staircases.

We can Design and make this kind of frames for you.

“One Picture Frame is not enough, surround yourself with many

Thanks .Please Refer to our Guide on Picture Frame dimensions below and place your order with us appropriately.

Floater Frames are referred this way because they give an optical illusion of an image floating on a wall. This type of framing is used to activate a unique and modern visual effect on a space.  

They are built using clear glass, or the modern prexi glass and don’t utilise a mattboard. They are most ideal for urban-industrial spaces e.g luxury Homes, Company Receptions (To Display a logo or other brand elements) Meseums, Hotels, Villas etc.  Best done in Big Frames e.g 30 x 40” upwards.

We surely can do that, provided the image resolution is high. This is because during the process of enlarging a photo, more details become visible and in the event of a poor resolution, what we refer as “Quality loss” may occur, meaning the final product will be burly.

However you can always forward your downloaded images to us through our Email address, we will print them, frame them and ship them back to you. You can also order the frames individually and frame the decors in your home.

NB we do not charge for the framing service.

Sure, that’s forms part of our portfolio. Apart from the main work of manufacturing framings.

We also offer supplementary services like;

  • Printing high resolution coloured print works using our in house printers
  • Matting/Framing services,(Not Charged)

Mounting Services

Picture frames, photo frames, deco frames, image frames, and framed pictures, refer to one and the same thing.

The base material for all our photo frames is either

  • PS or
  • Aluminium
  • wood

Ps is the modern alternative to Natural wood. The only difference is that it is produced in a factory and packs lots of added benefits. Aluminium on the other hand is used because it is light and can be brushed to give luxury trims including: Gold, Copper, and Titanium etc

We can always do that. Just place an order and leave everything else to us.

All interior designers and decorators creatively combine artistic pieces, frames and the Hue of a space to tone down and bring balance to a space. Some utilise décor frames to create vocal points and bring life to dead, boring spaces. 

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